The Master Artist

As I stood in worship that day a picture came to mind of a world map and I knew, as I saw it, the Lord was speaking to me. I saw a picture of a tiny paintbrush about to be used. It had the tiniest tip and I knew instantly it represented me. Represented the insignificance I was feeling, represented my lack of gifting when I compared myself with others. (I mean that must have been why this brush was so small.) I started to complain again, “Don’t you want to use someone else Lord, please, a better paint brush? There are larger, better brushes for you.” My stomach twisted in me as my own wisdom seemed so much better. Instantly I saw a picture of a large paintbrush with red paint being splashed across the map. It blotted out lines of important, covering details of the map that were needed… Then he showed me this paint gone again from the map as I saw this small brush again brought to the map to slowly bring about the details that were needed. Drawing small details of mountain ridges across the map. I felt the Spirit gently speaking to me about an aspect of my personality that seems so simple, but yet how that gifting would make me not miss out on some of these small details that were important to him. I wouldn’t quickly splash over this area and miss the people he was speaking about.

In a painting the master artist knows when to use each brush. A large brush as he paints large areas of colour, a textured brush for unique moments, a small brush for details. I stopped talking… I stopped arguing. Here I was arguing when God was making it clear, he wanted to use me. Should I keep arguing with the king of the universe when I know…“his ways are higher than my  ways.”

So will you continue to argue or will you trust the master artist?

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