Gods Faithfulness

Ever since I have made the commitment to follow Jesus I have experienced the faithfulness of God through his supernatural provision,Seriously.
In the past two years of being in missions I have found myself in impossible situations and in desperate need of financial support.I am certain most missionaries can relate.
I have seen God come through for me in the most unexpected ways.
I can recall many times in the last two years where I have been completely dependent on God.Through this I have seen Gods provision become a testimony of his faithfulness

When people begin to ask how we last in missions we get the opportunity to share to them about God faithfulness. People are usually left in awe and encouraged.

I remember during my DTS (Discipleship Training School) when we were approaching our outreach phase, I had no money, so I had to fundraise (which really helped). Although I was still  $1,200 short of the full fee,
and our team was getting ready to leave in two days.  I remember thinking that there was no way I was getting the rest of that money.  So we left for outreach although I didn’t have enough funds to last the full duration of my trip. A week or two into our outreach I received word that I had just received a cheque from USA….

The cheque was for $2 000, talk about giving generously, I could only thank God for his faithfulness.  I actually had $800 left over from my outreach fees.

I have found that these experiences really strengthen our faith.
There is nothing better than being in a situation or crisis and having complete peace knowing that if God has got you through it before he can do it again.  I firmly believe Gods faithfulness goes hand in hand with being a good steward, which means being faithful with what he has given you. So what did I do with that extra $800?  I used it to pay for my visa, which was expiring in a few weeks at the time.

Once again I was in awe of Gods faithfulness

I write this to encourage anyone who might be doubting, unsure, worried or just skeptic.

God provides and when he does, he does so generously.  We need to constantly be dependent on the Lord. I know that for some of us being dependent on others can be challenging but the great thing about our God is that he only gives good gifts.  He will never cause you to stumble. “Many things are good but not all are profitable” and God knows that.

Gods faithfulness is NOT limited to money.  He is faithful in all things.

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