What is a DTS?

A Discipleship Training School is a 6-month experience comprised of two different learning platforms: lecture phase and outreach phase. These are all delivered in a practical, live-learn environment as students live and grow together as they discover God’s purpose for their life and the nations.


Over a period 12 weeks, students will be immersed in character developing content taught by both local and international speakers. During this time, we will look at what it means to relate with God in our day to day lives, and how we can be used by God wherever He calls us!
Encounter God – Hearing God’s Voice; Nature & Character of God; Worship; Prayer & Intercession; Bible
See Life From God’s Perspective –Identity; Destiny; Biblical Worldview
Recognise Jesus as Lord Spiritual Warfare; Fear of the Lord; Holiness; Lordship; Sin, Cross & Repentance
Recognise Jesus as Lord Spiritual Warfare; Fear of the Lord; Holiness; Lordship; Sin, Cross & Repentance
Become More Like Jesus Father Heart of God; Relationships; Holy Spirit; Faith in Finances; Laying Down Your Rights
Do the Works of Jesus Missions; Evangelism
Orientate to YWAM History & Vision; Overview of YWAM; Future Opportunities


Outreach Phase is the practical field assignment, where students are sent out in teams for 8 weeks both locally and overseas. The emphasis is on the application of principles taught during the Lecture Phase, and students will be encouraged to share their faith using a variety of means. It is the heart of the DTS for students to be in cross-cultural situations to gain a wider understanding of God’s heart for the nations. Students are encouraged to express their God-given talents and gifts to help further equip them in their place of ministry. After Outreach Phase is over, students will return to our campus here in Accra for a week of debriefing and to graduate!
Outreach teams from our campus have hit almost every continent and have visited many countries.  Outreach is an exciting time where students are stretched in their faith and given a chance to understand God on a deeper level.