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Why Do a DBS?

God desires to speak and be known even more than we long to know and hear him.

We believe that God’s word is not something simply to be sitting on a shelf but known, believed, and active in our everyday lives. It’s a book we all have and rejoice in, but do we really know what it says? Because it was never meant to be empty words but our story, our loving Father’s story, and a life changing gift … if we will open the gift given to us. The heart of the DBS is that you will come to know and live out the truths revealed to us through our father during this amazing 12 weeks. We will chronologically work our way through the word together to discover timeless truths that in turn become our personal truths. It is a time of fellowship with each other and the Lord that will leave you forever changed.

During this school you will delve into the word to understand the big story of the entire bible while reading through all of the 66 individual books. You will come to understand the different genres and writing styles, understand the cultural and historical context involved in these books, be involved in a like-minded hungry group of people, and be in a safe place to ask hard questions about the word and about life.

Why YWAM Accra Sea Breeze?

“To see this generation transformed and mobilized into their God given destiny” is the mission and calling of our campus in Accra. We have a heart that every single person that comes here leaves with more understanding of what God has personally called them to and more tools to walk that out. Come and be released into what’s next!

WE LOVE ACCRA! WE LOVE THE NATIONS – There is always something to do in Accra from shopping to markets and festivals. Our base is located half way between the fun beaches and calming Blue Mountains; two amazing locations to enjoy a fun day away. Our YWAM campus is crazy about the nations and loves our family from many different places as we celebrate and worship in many different languages and dances. We believe we can grow in more of God’s heart for the nations as we live among them.

Walk Out Destiny


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